Ex-Boyfriend One

By Janet Wolf

Nightmare stretches out my mind, crawling are the dead relics you left behind.

You loved me, you protected me, you showed me things I never knew.

I was innocent, impressed by your words, showed me sin by your kiss.

You taught me to abandon my morals and with it went my consciousness.

You took me into a den, and I will never forgive myself for what I did then.

Distorted my view upon the world, I ripped out my inner child, and became tainted with your afflictions.

A flower interweaves with a weed and chaos follows.

I went so far deep, I couldn’t see, what was right in front of me.

Warm hands on my cheeks, my heart beats faster, I see the real you.

I am just a pretty face you lied to and caged.

Arms around me, trapped now, I feel you inside me.

How I leave is no longer up to me.

You’re everywhere.